semantic web workshop

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After attending a semantic web workshop in Santa Fe, I began to wonder why Ihaven’t seen any of these workshops happening on the web. It would make sense,after all, for a workshop about connecting common ideas on the web to take place on the web.
Instead, the frame work for any semantic workshop ends up being a model for all the same problems afflicting the use of web semantics in real life. Continue reading “semantic web workshop”

semantic web in italy

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The role of the semantic web in Italy is gaining much more attention lately.Now, PhD candidates have an opportunity to further their knowledge thanks to 3grants for the ICT Worldwide Doctoral School, University of Trento. The grantsare for positions in the DKM study unit and are financed by grants from FBK.
The main goal of the grants program is to further understanding of the semantic web in Italy by, “bettering the degree of automation in the specification,implantation, execution, and monitoring of company processes by extending  enterprise method management instruments with the most considerable benefits.” Continue reading “semantic web in italy”

semantic web applications

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The advertising company Kontera is really encouraging their clients to push the limits of semantic web applications with a new award. The Kontera Creative Interest Award will go to the advertiser which finds the most innovative semantic web applications for meeting the interests of consumers and getting results from their ad campaigns.
For the first award ever, Kontera chose Blackberry and Starcom Mediavest Group. Continue reading “semantic web applications”

semantic web

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There is so much confusion as to what the semantic web is. Experts will refer to it as a way of linking data, others will discuss ontology, while  others simply call it the future of the web. While almost all expert has his or her own idea on the semantic web, it is almost impossible to agree on a set definition because there are too many problems surrounding the concept of semantic web.
When doing searches in today’s world wide web, we are forced to do the bulk of the semantic web work our selves. Even when using the most advanced search features, you will still get a list of websites which may have nothing to do with your inquiry. Since so much of the web is distorted by advertising, it cantake several hours before you find any valuable information. This is especially the case with comparison of products because they are usually giving identical information. Continue reading “semantic web”