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The advertising company Kontera is really encouraging their clients to push the limits of semantic web applications with a new award. The Kontera Creative Interest Award will go to the advertiser which finds the most innovative semantic web applications for meeting the interests of consumers and getting results from their ad campaigns.
For the first award ever, Kontera chose Blackberry and Starcom Mediavest Group.The advertisers really took advantage of the semantic web applications off eredby Kontera, which uses in-text keyword identification to choose the most appropriate ads. Blackberry and Starcom placed Playbook tablet ads in the midstof editorials. The ad was truly engaging to users as they could interact withthe Playbook and watch videos to find out more about the product.
The combination of the creative, interactive ad and the power of web semantic applications led for a very successful ad campaign. Because the users were already likely to have interest in the Playbook (judging on the keywords of the editorial they were reading), a high percent of users chose to interact with the ad and further their information about the product. Unlike other ad campaigns which use many random variables in targeting, Kontera has proven very successful with their web semantic applications in advertising. The in-text semantics ad company is currently used by top advertisers like Toyota,Microsoft and Samsung.