semantic web in italy

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The role of the semantic web in Italy is gaining much more attention lately.Now, PhD candidates have an opportunity to further their knowledge thanks to 3grants for the ICT Worldwide Doctoral School, University of Trento. The grantsare for positions in the DKM study unit and are financed by grants from FBK.
The main goal of the grants program is to further understanding of the semantic web in Italy by, “bettering the degree of automation in the specification,implantation, execution, and monitoring of company processes by extending  enterprise method management instruments with the most considerable benefits.”
Studies into semantic web in Italy will explore the relationship between how humans interpret multimedia information and the statistical approach used bycontent coding. The grant will provide a rare opportunity to analyze the seaspects of the semantic web in Italy on a business and an abstract level.
This is one of the few grants that we have seen which are specifically for researching into the semantic web in Italy or other countries. However, we canexpect there to be much more research into this subject. The application forthe grants was until March 11, 2011.