semantic web workshop

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After attending a semantic web workshop in Santa Fe, I began to wonder why Ihaven’t seen any of these workshops happening on the web. It would make sense,after all, for a workshop about connecting common ideas on the web to take place on the web.
Instead, the frame work for any semantic workshop ends up being a model for all the same problems afflicting the use of web semantics in real life. There are too many problems with communication, multiple meanings behind words, and a lotof personal investigation research which must go into each query for furthering information.
For example, one of the guests at the semantic web workshop was discussing the theme of Web 3. There were actually several people in the audience who came because they mistakenly thought the theme was Web 3D. This isn’t unlike all ofthose search results you get back which are similar to your query but reallyhave nothing to do with it.
In the future, I propose that we hold the semantic web workshops on the web andcreate a virtual database for all of the topics. Additionally, there should bea truly interactive forum in which we can comment on and improve the information shared during the semantic web workshop.