semantic web

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There is so much confusion as to what the semantic web is. Experts will refer to it as a way of linking data, others will discuss ontology, while  others simply call it the future of the web. While almost all expert has his or her own idea on the semantic web, it is almost impossible to agree on a set definition because there are too many problems surrounding the concept of semantic web.
When doing searches in today’s world wide web, we are forced to do the bulk of the semantic web work our selves. Even when using the most advanced search features, you will still get a list of websites which may have nothing to do with your inquiry. Since so much of the web is distorted by advertising, it cantake several hours before you find any valuable information. This is especially the case with comparison of products because they are usually giving identical information.
Semantic web studies show how ineffective internet searches are. Approximately1/3 of search results get absolutely no clicks and another 1/3 will be clicked but soon be deserted. To get any sort of accurate results, you will need tothink up all of the different names for a product or the many different ways your search can be performed. This will still require a lot of sorting through the results until you get the right semantics.
With so many problems, it seems that we are late in building up a semantic web.Since the web has already been built up in a way which is almost impossible tomake sense of, no sort of semantic web technology will help us until we fix the problems of how we are building the web.